Quadrant Flowable Composite Syringe

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Shade :A2, A3, A3.5, 0A2

Syringe : 1.8gr/1ml + 5 Application Tipss

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Quadrant Flow

A flowable, light curing, radiopaque hybrid composite for restorative and cosmetic applications. Can be used for minimally invasive fillings, base under composite restorations, cavity lining, reparations to composite, splints, retention of threads and brackets fissure sealing.
• Barium glass technology for perfect aesthetics.
• Does not stick to instruments.
• Radiopaque.
• Thixotropic.
• Controllable consistency.
• Compatible with all quadrant composites.

Kit: 1ml/1.8gm Syringe & 5 cannulae.

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Shade A2, Shade A3, Shade A3.5, Shade OA2