Pulpdent Paste – 3ml Syringes

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Pulpdent Calcium Hydroxide Paste
3ml Syringes

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Jaan Pulpdent Paste

Non-Setting, Premixed calcium hydroxide methylcellulose pulpal dressing indicated for direct pulp capping, pulpotomy and pulpal curettage procedures,and used as an antimicrobial intracanal dressing between office visits to prevent flare-ups.
When used for vital pulp therapy, Pulpdent Paste stimulates consistent dentin bridge formation.
• pH > 12 provides all the benefits of calcium hydroxide
• Promotes favorable periapical healing
• Stimulates consistent dentin bridge formation.
• Radiopaque
• Non-Setting

Kit: 3 mL syringe + 24 needles (18 gauge blunt, sterile)


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