Eurosafe 60 Disinfectant Washer – Promedco

Eurosafe 60 Disinfectant Washer - Promedco
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Eurosafe 60 pre-washes, washes, and dries in a single cycle, eliminating the need for manual cleaning thereby ensuring more effective and efficient results in less time and less risk for the operator. The large, 60-litre tank can thermally disinfect wands, loose instruments and containers, allowing for a better use of space thanks to its numerous accessories. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, up to 40 cycles can be programmed and customised by a variety of settings, according to requirements and the equipment being treated, which include washing time and temperature. Eurosafe 60 ensures full and safe traceability: validating and recording all the thermal disinfection cycles operated, saving all data on a USB stick for later transfer to a PC