Biological Indicators

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25/pack-EZ Test

The EzTest Titems Biological Indicator is a familiar self-contained color change biological indicator specifically designed for rapid evaluation in the Smart-Well incubator. It requires no special processing and can be used in place of any existing self-contained BI. The Smart-Read BI contains spores of Geobacillus Stearothermophilus and is suitable for steam sterilisation processes.


EZTest Self-Contained Biological Indicator (SCBI)

For monitoring steam / flash steam, ethylene oxide, or hydrogen peroxide sterilization.

Easy-to-use – Just expose the unit to the sterilization process, then activate by squeezing the sides of the unit to release the growth media, then wait 24 hours (48 hours for ethylene oxide sterilization) for easy to read result.

Needs no specialised equipment or environment.

Pack of 25