Alginate Colorchange – CAVEX

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Code: 344

3 Colour change indicator

5 days dimensional stability

Excelen tear strength

Packaging: 500gr/pkt


Cavex ColorChange Alginate – Fast Set

• 2 colour changes indicate the major decision points in impression taking:
► end of mixing time: violet to pink
► end of setting time in mouth: pink to white

• Readily combines with water with hand mixing, producing a smoothly-textured gel.
• 9 days dimensional stability (9 days without shrinking in a well closed plastic bag)
• innovative reaction mechanism
• rapid, complete hardening reaction
• highly elastic, ideal for orthodontics
• good tear and deformation resistance
• detail reproduction at least 25 µm
• smooth surface, optimum gypsum compatibility
• dustfree
• patient friendly setting time in mouth: 1 minute

Highly rated for the viscosity and smoothness of the mix, ease of loading trays, firmness of the set material, lack of bubbles, and model quality.

Eighty-two percent of reporting clinical consultants found Cavex ColorChange to be equal to or better than their current alginate (Dental Advisor 2015).

500gm Packet